Real Estate Based Finance

We offer tailor made finance solutions and flexible conditions for our clients.

Our team conducts a profound financial analysis of the company, its cash flow generation capacity and financial forecast, industry and country risks.

Our financial solutions are 100% secured, using our client’s property as collateral through a guarantee trust, either by the actual asset, or by the shares of the company that holds the property

Finance PDC Capital

We offer flexibility of conditions, performing an in-depth analysis of the financial situation of our clients, their flow generation capabilities and financial projections. Additionally, the risks inherent to the industry sector in which it operates are taken into account, as well as the macroeconomic conditions of country risk.

Following, the general terms of our credit structures:

Minimum amount PDC Capital

Minimum amount:  US$ 1,000,000.00

Loan PDC Capital

Financial structures with a loan to Value: Up to 75% of the property appraisal value.

guarantee PDC Capital

Fast convertibility assets.

principal amounts

Up to 12 months grace period for principal amounts

PDC Capital Tenor 8 years

Tenor 8 years

Balloon payment PDC Capital

Balloon payment of an amount equivalent of up to 30% of the loan value

We offer  8 year term loans with real estate collateral, aiming to help Company owners leverage their fixed assets in their balance sheet as well as improving their financial situation and achieving the following goals:



Maximize return on their invested capital


Use the resources trapped in their balance sheet to improve their financial position


Improve their financial ratios


Obtaining long term working capital

We are constantly studying new geographical markets and looking to innovate in the financial structures we offer our clients.  We have conformed a team of professionals with ample experience in the banking and real estate markets of our region.

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