Our Allies

Since we began operations, we have developed throughout the region, a network of allies that have walked side by side with us in the growth of our business.

Along ten years of experience, we have forged strong relationships with professionals of the highest ranking in each of their areas of expertise


Investment Bankers

In order to reach credit prospects that fit our standards, we work with some of the best Investment Banking firms in the Latin American region for the referral of clients that are interested in our financial solutions.


Financial Institutions

We are proud to operate with the support of an ample network of tier one financial institutions that have entrusted us providing part of the funding for the financial solutions we structure for our clients, with real estate as collateral.


Real Estate Appraisal Firms

By our policies, we utilize two separate appraisal firms in each country, to be able to closen up on the most accurate value for the properties that serve as collateral of our loans. We work with top firms that are accepted by the banking system and have the most experience in their country.


Legal Counsel

We work with top regional law firms, that besides excellent reputation an recognition, are experts in financial and tax law, so that we can provide our clients with the highest professional advice.



In order to assure the credit structure of our loans, and the correct dimensioning of the financial impact of each loan, we rely on the international firm EY, who have been our advisors and auditors since the beginning of our company.


Real Estate Brokers

We lean on real estate brokerage firms in each of our countries of interest and their knowledge on these markets, in order to stay up to date. We are especially interested in brokers that provide expertise in commercial and industrial sectors of the economy.


Market Research

In order to correctly dimension country and industry risks of the economies in which we operate, we have contracted the market analysis firm CABI, to provide us with country risk reports on a monthly basis. This allows us to be able to identify variations regarding the risk profile of our operations in each country and react on time.


Trust Agents

To secure our credit structures, we have established long term relationships with the top Trust Agents (Fiduciaries) in each country. These network of institutions provide our creditors with the guarantees and collateral for each senior loan.

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